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Rusape Man Acquitted Of Undermining Police

By Shingirai Vambe.

A Rusape man who was in August arrested for insulting District Officer Commanding Police, Godwill Chinyan’anya after exchanging of words in his office at Rusape Police station was recently acquitted by Rusape magistrate for disorderly conduct and undermining the authority of the police.

Wilfred Nyakuedzwa (39) of UVE 2936 Vengere had been hauled before the Rusape Magistrate court for disorderly conduct and undermining the authority of the police after he refused to pay a fine and requested to go to court in sought of justice.

According to the state and court proceedings, it is alleged that Nyakuedzwa was arrested while trying to defend and prohibiting the police from removing his brother, Lamech’s property from a house he was staying when he was still employed by the Zimbabwe Republic Police.

Lamech Nyakuedzwa who was an inspector at Rusape Police (Rural) is said to have left his property in the house at Vhengere police camp afetr he resigned from the force way back.

The court was told that on the 26th of August that Wilfred Nyakuedzwa was called by the police after a couple believed to be Nyakuedzwa’s relative had used the house without notifying the police.

The couple was arrested, put in custody and asked to pay $300.00 fine each. After that, the couple left the premises but Wilfred refused to pay the fine as well as removing his brother’s property from the house claiming that there was no suitable place to safe keep them.

Nyakuedzwa told Post On Sunday that after several attempts of making him remove the property, on the day in question, he heard the DISPOL shouting at one of his subordinates instructing him to make Nyakuedzwa surrender the keys of the house since he was using the house unlawfully.
This prompted Nyakuedzwa to approach the DISPOL in person.

“After entering the DISPOL’s office, the police boss started shouting at me and he verbally attacked me saying I mustn’t use the ruling party, ZANU PF for personal gains and unnecessarily. I charged at DISPOL and assaulted him leading to my arrest,” Nyakuedzwa said.

“After spending more than 48 hours in police custody I was send to court. I was given $1000 bail,” he added.

Nyakuedzwa was recently acquitted and found not guilty of all the charges which had been laid against him. He has since taken the matter to High Court for defamation of character, while several other complaints have been taken to the Provincial and Police General Headquarters.