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Soldier killed By Masvingo Minors

By Masvingo Correspondent

A soldier has been killed by three minors in Masvingo, Zaka District, in a suspected revenge settling agenda after he had attacked a woman in the middle of the night.

Aaron Bhasopayi (828016 R) of 1 commando Regiment, Harare, aged 37 is said to have gone to Masvingo , Chief Ndanga’s village of Musenyi after hearing that his parents’ hut which was recently thatched was burnt down for failing to pay the balance of the job.

According to the memo, Bhasopayi went to Patience Chineka’s house in the same village looking for the three minors’ father who is alleged to have then burnt the thatched house out of anger but was not at his home when the soldier arrived.

Bhasopayi is said to have taken law into his own hands by smashing the door, gaining entry into Patience Chineka’s bedroom and started to assault her while she was asleep.

He is further alleged that he stabbed Chineka several times with a knife before the three minors came to the rescue of their mother. They had been sprinkled with opaque beer, Chibuku by the deceased person as they were also asleep.

“Patience Chineka cried out for help and one of the minors upon realising that their mother was being attacked, grabbed the violent soldier from the back while the other two attacked him until he collapsed. He was now unconscious and bleeding. He died thereafter.

The boys alerted their neighbours of the attack and found courage to go to the police to report the self defence matter. Their mother was then rushed to Ndanga District Hospital to seek medial attention and is said to be in a stable condition.

When police attended the scene, they found that the now deceased besides being drunk, had plastics of Marijuana, the knife he used to stab Patience Chineka, his ZNA identy card and 3 bullets his pocket.

The deceased gunner’s body was taken for post morterm and police are still conducting their investigations.