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Inside The Fall Of A Great Hero

By Talent Katsande

“Money is only a tool which will take you everywhere you wish but it will never replace you as the driver”, said Any Rand.

Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure was one of the Zimbabwe’s foremost center of attraction, a young brave millionaire who had a unique lifestyle and his mysterious sources of income made many to raise their eye brows and being that as it may, Zimbabweans lost a hero which will never be replaced.

Just like his name suggest Genius, he was an exceptional intellectual businessman who had a hustling spirit and loved to interest the public through showing off his vast resources.

There was no one who could come and leave Domboshava without hearing the name Ginimbi, as he was famously known for his luxurious lifestyle, lavish birthday parties and acquisition of supercars all over the world.

He lived a flamboyant life for seven years before his Rolls Royce had a head on collision accident with an oncoming Honda fit and burst into flames upon impact and threw his body out of his Bentley and killed him instantly.

His real name is Genius Kadungure born on the 10th of October 1984 in a family of four and died on 4 November at the age of 36.

He died along with three other friends, Moana Amuli, a Mozambican model, Alicia Adams and a Malawian Lumumba Karim, while coming back from celebrating Moana’s birthday party.

He was a man who was addicted to the camera and moments before he died he had posted to his instagram account that he was going to a party up a storm.

“Guys it’s time to go out, it’s gonna be going down. We are going to dreams night club in the next few minutes, it’s gonna be going down its Moana’s birthday”.

Those who were close to the late as well as those who followed him on social media testify that Ginimbi knew about his death as it is allegedly said his riches were associated with witchcraft.

Basing on the assets known, his net worth was estimated to be between US $10 million to US $100 million.

According to various online reports which were confirmed by his media and business manager Shaleen Manhire – Nullens, she added that Ginimbi started engaging in a small business transaction at the age of 17 and became a middle man securing gas for domestic users after having a partnership with a friend who worked at the Angola Airways offices.

According to iHarare he had a Mercedes Benz S Class and went on to establish Pioneer Gases which is now part of Piko Trading Group within two years in business.

He went on to buy Quick Gases in Botswana. With the success of his companies, he decided to add Rivon Gases to his portfolio followed by another business initiatives called City Centre Freight. All these companies fall under Piko Trading Group which he is a majority shareholder”.

“Due to his increased growth and success of his business, he became one of the richest young entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe and from there his empire began to grow”.

“He went on to built a mansion in Domboshava and setup his night club Sankayi. The club according to him was not a business but was meant to satisfy his pleasure.

“It is therefore clear that Ginimbi never got tired of chasing his own dreams, despite loads of money at this age with girls throwing themselves to him, penchant for shopping and the love for expensive cars his brains were always at work.

“I have worked for Ginimbi for seven years. I worked with him a lot in the trucking business where he was big in gas and energy. He was in the top three in gas business in Botswana which a lot of people were not aware”. Said Nullens.

He had about 26 trucks and was in a process of upgrading them.

During the week ending 3 October, Ginimbi is said to have added a new US$600 000 worth Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster to his fleet of luxury cars which turned heads of many in the Zimbabwe capital, Harare.

Just like any other human being, he was not perfect in all, Kadungure was arrested several times on allegations of fraud and defrauding Zanu PF MP for Chegutu and West Dexture Nduna.

He was also accused of owing R340 000 to South African based businessman Mutumwa Mawere although he denies after exchanging words on social media.

“I was facing cash flow problems and he gave me R340 000 which I had to pay plus 15 percent interest per month”
“After about four months, I went back and paid him”.
It is also alleged that his company Piko Trading (private) limited misrepresented to the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority that it made a total sales of $2 777 678 inclusive of value added tax when in actual fact the company had made sales amounting to 9 092 951.

Zimra claimed to have suffered a prejudice of $417 940 as he was accused of evading tax with zinara suffering a total prejudice of $3 468 949.

As a man who live an extravagant life, Kadungure was also known for throwing lavish parties. In 2010 he threw an expensive all white birthday bash in Harare, he an estimated US$17 000 was spent.

He hosted another party in 2012 which was held in Botswana and it is estimated that it costed US$32 000.

It is said that in 2013, Genius held a consecutive three day long party at his rural home in Domboshava to celebrate a newly built mansion he had put in that area.

February 2018, Ginimbi bought Winky D’s first copy of the album Gombwe for US$40 000.

In May 2018, Ginimbi reportedly hired a model from the US to spice up the opening of his club Sankay although he denied that fact.

“The public always have something to say regarding my every move and I have come to accept that as a public figure, I am entitled to scrutiny’’ ,he said.

“I don’t think I owe anyone an explanation but to keep the record safe, Cici is my friend and he can always visit”.

In October 10, 2020 was his birthday and he hosted a strictly by invitation all white party which he invited many Zimbabwean celebrities for the first time including Killer T among others.

Kadungure is reported to have had sexual intercourse with different kind of women including married wives as he once had been beaten up by their husbands at many occasions.

It is revealed that he had been taking care of another man’s child for 11 years before they went for DNA test.

In this case, God’s time is always the best as he is the one who has power over everything hence money is just a tool which can buy everything except life.