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Chief Nyoka Speaks Out On the Gruesome Murder of 4 Chivhu Children

Chivhu- Emelda Marizani who recently beheaded her four children in cold blood has asked to pay her last respects before the burial of the four innocent souls, without any sign of remorse she said she is content with what she did, Post On Sunday can report.

The gruesome murder which has left many residents and villagers in Chivhu shell shocked, is said to have been caused by an extra material affair between Lameck Brande 43 and a form 4 student at Liebenberg High School.

It is alleged the relationship had gone to an extent of Brande taking in the minor into his matrimonial home as his wife.

Emelda told the police that she will not regret anything, because her husband loved their children more than her and killing them was a way of getting back at him and wanting to burn the house was another way for him to feel the pain.

With no confirmation if whether she was given the chance to see her children before burial, women in Chivhu had no kind words for Emelda, while they highlighted short-falls in changes in the legislative, judicial and traditional norms.

Chief Nyoka told Post On Sunday that there was need to have a cleansing ceremony as this was not the first case.

He told this publication that earlier this year another woman released an axe into her husband’s head and died.

“As Traditional Leader we have a big task ahead of us to clean our land of this spirit which is hoovering over leading to the death of many through murder, suicide and i want to urge people in my village to share and seek counselling if they fail to find each other in a dispute”,Chief Nyoka said.

He however added on the need to return back to our old customs, saying the practice of gender equality and parity  is causing some of these challenges, while introduction of condoms and contraceptive pills to children under the age of 18 is an exposure to sexual practices.

“The moment they are given these condoms and contraceptives, they would want to experiment and see if they work properly” Chief Nyoka said.

Lameck is said to be a businessman with shops in Chivhu.