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CIFOZ, PRAZ Sign Memorandum Of Understanding

By Tariro Kambeu

The Procurement Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (PRAZ) and Construction Industry Federation of Zimbabwe (CIFOZ) have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to be a collaborating party in affording each other technical support through research and training.

Speaking at the signing ceremony held on Thursday, Acting Chief Executive Officer Clever Ruswa said, the PRAZ in collaboration with CIFOZ were 100 percent behind Government’s infrastructure vision premised on the need to increase local content and quality in all public and construction sectors.
This is in a bid to increase demand and production of local goods and services and reduce scarce foreign currency resources.

Ruswa added that the collaboration between the two parties was to develop the country infrastructure.

“This collaboration therefore entails the two entities will be working together in terms of information sharing and mutual participation in various forums such as consultations, focus groups and other forms of activities that advance communication of public procurement.

’’ As PRAZ we are appreciate that CIFOZ plays a major role in the economic activity of the country ‘’, said Mr Ruswa.

Ruswa highlighted that great opportunities lay ahead as the collaboration and signing of the memorandum of understanding would make channels of communication to facilitate capacitation on PPDPA Act stronger.

He said the two entities would assist each other with expertise pertaining to the respective areas of mandate.

Ruswa said the 2019 Infrastructure Investment Plan highlighted the fiscal support for infrastructural development with a marked increase in fiscal support under the Public Sector Investment Programme.

He also said the role of the construction industry is therefore pivotal to economic Barometer of any economy, economic Regulator- Particularly Nation Demands and Activity in Inflation Control.

He further highlighted the cultural upbringing with the Rural Electrification and Modernisation of the Environs of the general Populace, employment creation and foreign currency generation.

Speaking on the same occasion, Construction Industry Federation of Zimbabwe( CIFOZ ) management member, Grace Baudi said , this MOU would allow both parties to monitor the training workshops and any other events so as to ensure that there were regular events held for the industry to be well informed.

“Efficient infrastructure delivery will be key in realisation of National priorities and overall socioeconomic development and this Memorandum Of Understanding will help in giving direction to the execution of these objectives as we move towards vision 2030” , said Baudi.

Acting PRAZ CEO, Clever Ruswa

Baudi s id CIFOZ is an institution with more than 100 years in existence and has members that are expertss in their different fields of operation.

‘’Many of our members have been involved in the construction of national projects and are always eager to partake the national cake.

“They have a number of women in CIFOZ who are constructors and are active in the building of environment and holding of conferences and workshops which gives different companies to benefit from the exposure offered”, Baudi explained.

Baudi , added that they were grateful to work with PRAZ in achieving their mandate of controlling , regulating ,public procurement and disposal of public assets as to ensure that such procurement is effected in a manner that is transparent , fair, honest, cost effective and competitive.

She said PRAZ and CIFOZ are ready and prepared to do the work or projects which arise because suppliers and equipment are available and also CIFOZ is making sure that all women are recognised in the construction industry.

PRAZ-CIFOZ signing ceremony fulfils the power of the Authority outlined in PPDPA act (chapter 22-23) section 7(d) which states that to cooperate with other organisation whether inside or outside Zimbabwe , in the existence of its functions.