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Zimbabwe Government Launches Electric Vehicle

By Faith Chimutsa

Harare – The Minister of Energy and Power Development Zhemu Soda on Wednesday officially launched the Electric Vehicle at Harare International Conference Center (HICC) which will see the country moving towards reducing air pollution and the demand in fossil fuels.

Addressing the media and dignitaries from various institutions, the Minister expressed excitement towards the move.

“I am happy to note that our energy Regulator, the Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA), is taking a leading role in identifying modern energy technologies and taking form steps towards creating an ideal environment for the adoption and implementation of such emerging technologies,” he said.

The Electric Vehicle (EV) has a lot of advantages over fuel consuming vehicles. The EV is battery powered, requires less maintenance, silent operation (it doesn’t make any sound like fuel powered vehicles ) and it has high efficiency among other advantages.

The coming in of EV’s is in line with the country’s vision 2030.

“The event is in sync with the country’s aspiration to be a modernized, mechanized and industrialized nation by 2030 while being among the league of nations who are in the upper middle income bracket.

Meanwhile, the country is facing the wrath of climate change which has been precipitated by the emission of carbon gases from fuel consuming vehicles.