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Child Killings A Worrisome To Police

By Martha Leboho.

Masvingo- Zimbabwe Republic Police is concerned with the increase in child killings across the country a government official has said.

In an interview Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said it is worrisome that cases of child killings are on the rise and there is need for them to work with public to reduce the scourge.

“It is worrisome to note that we have an upsurge in child killings ”

“We cannot work alone as police but there is need for team work with the public , so that we investigate and see what really are the causes for such crimes” said Ass Com Nyathi.

He also said there is need for investigations to see what kind of people are committing some gruesome crime.
This comes after a man in Matova village in Masvingo murdered his brother’s nine-year-old son before cutting his head and boil it in a pot.

Another grisly incident happened in Chivhu where a mother murdered his 4 children before handing himself to police, also another incident of a boy Tapiwa Makore who was murdered and another incident in Zvimba where a father killed his son for eating at a neighbor.

In Gweru today, another gruesome murder took place when a mad person stoned a grade 7 pupil who was coming from writing her examinations leading to her death, details of the horror act were not yet full by time of going for publication