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Pahukama On Sanitary Wear Campaign

By Martha Leboho.

It has become worrisome as many women in Zimbabwe especially in remote areas are too poor to buy sanitary pads due to the price rising with the exchange rate of foreign currency.

Reports have indicated that girls now use pieces of rag as sanitary wear.

They have to cope with rags that they pick up or torn clothes. Some girls also have to use cow dung , leaves and old newspapers instead of sanitary pads ,a method which has been condemned as unhygienic and a health harzad to a girl child.

In some communities other girls find it as luxury to buy sanitary pads. Mounting of cash shortages have added to growing sanitary wear poverty.

PaHukama National Youth Oryxes Foundation is calling on Partners and well wishers to join their movement and donate to help young girls in marginalized communities during this covid-19 pandemic as to advocate and promote good health and hygiene.

The campaign which runs under the theme hash tag ‘Sanitary Drive’ will see the first batch being distributed in March.

In an interview with Pahukama National Youth Oryxes Foundation, Programs manager , Belinda Mukwakwami, called for partners and well wisher to help the movement become a success.

“We are calling for well wishers and partners to help this program to be a success, we are targeting 800 pads, and the last date for our first batch is 28 February.

Distribution will be done in March and we are expecting to double our target for the next batch. The first beneficiaries are girls in Mtunzi, Umbowe, Ngundu and Shamva” said Mukwakwami.

Well-wishers can contact 0777668879 for donations.