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Release Of lnmates From Custody Lawful

By Tariro Kambeu and Obert Siamilandu

Zimbabwe Prison Correctional survices has taken steps concerning falsehood raised by Mr Colleen Mavhundutsein sworn in affidavit published in the Herald newspaper on the 26th of February 2021 following the facts recorded that the inmate left prison in the morning and reported back at the same day.

In a press statement Felix Munyaradzi who was remanded in custody at Harare Remand prison was permitted to go and attend the funeral of his father in law by Minister of Justice, Legal, and parliamentary Affairs Honourable Ziyambi Ziyambi on 14 August 2020.

In picture, Ziyambi Ziyambi: Minister of legal and Parliamentary Affairs

According to the prison Act (chapter 7:11) section 129 states that “The Minister may, subject to such condition as he may specify, grant a prisoner permission in writing to be absent from prison for a specific period for personal, family or other reasons if, in the opinion of the ministers, circumstances of the case warrant the granting of such permission”.

The press statement went on to state that, the inmate was temporarily released under ZPCS Security Surveillance for a specified period in accordance with with the above section of the Prison Act.

Several inmates have benefited in line with this provisions of the Prison Act whenever circumstances wanted the granting of such release.

In 2020 eight inmates benefitted from this engagement including Felix Munyaradzi.

Zimbabwe Prison correctional survices advised the public to seek legal opinion before making any allegations out of ignorance on legal provisions.


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