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Fans Welcome The Return Of Soccer

By Chimeno Azriel

The return of sporting activities in Zimbabwe is set to bring happiness and joy to Kadoma sports fanatics after almost a year of inactive due to Covid-19 Lockdown restrictions decreed by Government.

Government through the Ministry of Information, Publicity, Media, and Broadcasting Services announced the resumption of sports activities including the ‘beautiful game’ soccer.

Tino Kadewere

All the sporting activities including Athletics, golf, cricket among other sports were allowed to to resume on conditions that they strictly adhere to the Covid -19 protocols and World Health Organisation guidelines.

Kadoma is a soccer loving town where during the last seasons, Rimuka stadium was always filled with spectators. Some of the Premiership that used Rimuka stadium were Eiffel Flats and Black Rhinos.

During a tour of duty to find out what administrators and soccer enthusiast were saying about the return of football, most of them were elated to note that the games are resuming and some said they were becoming bored by spending the whole weekend at home instead of spending time with friends watching soccer.

” I’m happy that soccer has returned because some of the youngsters were now into drugs and other dirty things due to unavailability of funds from their clubs,” said Hikanotes Fc Founder and Director Mathezia Ngomalala.

“We thank God that the games are resuming as these young footballers were now into gambling and other unworthy activities,” he added.

Players are set to return to their normality and their dignity is going to be restored as most players were now resorting into dubious activities due to pressure of life.

Women netball team at Harare sports club

“I am delighted that football has returned and it is going to sharpen the talent of young players and as well as their way of living life” said Farai Charekera.

He was only worried if clubs are going to meet the requirements as the Junior league does not have sponsorship but he hopes that one day the league will find sponsorship or some assistance.

This leaves a tap on the shoulder to the individuals or Corporates to Sponsor or assist the Junior league where most talents are identified. Kadoma has in the past produced soccer stars who went on to play in more competitive leagues either in Zimbabwe and abroad.

Some of the soccer stars to emerge from Kadoma included the late Watson Muhoni(Dynamos), the late Saidi Saidi, (Amazulu),Kaitano Tembo(Dynamos,S.A), Norman Nkomani( Amazulu) and Cuthbert Malajila ( Dynamos,S.A) to name only but a few.