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Stephen Ephraem

CHIPINGE: AN Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) fell in Chipinge on March 19 2021 in Muswera village at night.

The object left marks at Daisy Hill under Chief Musikavanhu and no evident picture could be obtained.

The occasion was confirmed by a traditionalist who resides in Daisy Hill, Ngungunyana Happy Nxumalo.

“The object fell in Muswera village around 9pm yesterday night. It fell near Jonah’s residence. The light was frightful and the explosion was so heavy that people, including myself, sought refugee indoors.

Sekuru James Gabaza

“It’s very difficult to try to move towards where such an occasion happens due to its intensity and even the time of the night it happens. As I am speaking I have visited the area since I am still waiting to join other traditional elders to go there,” said Ngungunyana.

Contacted for a comment, the Chairman for Traditional and Faith Healers Association in Chipinge, Sekuru James Mudiro Gabaza confirmed that he was informed of the occasion and is still yet to visit the place.

“This occasion can happen during any generation. Visiting of UFOs is not a common thing but as traditionalists, we expect it to happen anytime. In our Ndau tradition we call it falling of a star.

Ngungunyana Happy Nxumalo

“It is very difficult to go to the place where a star falls. People usually visit the place afterwards. Usually the star leaves a mark especially that of burnt soil or so. Whenever such a star falls on the land, it signifies good omen or a bumper harvest for that area.

“What it simply means is that there is something good going to happen in and around Daisy Hill. People shouldn’t panic but be happy that they are to receive good news,” said Sekuru Gabaza.

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