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By Tariro Kambeu

Two main political parties in Zimbabwe, clash over vending sites in the old suburb of the capital city, Mbare, over vending sites and fees collection at the market.

The political meeting held at Mbare 7A zanupf offices ended in a fight and attacks between youths over vending tables fees at Mupedzanhamo market.

Mupedzanhamo a facility that belongs to Harare City Council had became a pitical battle ground and campaigning tool for political parties through informal traders selling second hand clothes at the site.

Due to political interference in government and council business, HCC has failed to manage Mupedzanhamo since time memorial due to fear of victimisation and Zanu pf youths claim ownership of several sites at Mbare Musika.

With the ever-growing figures of unemployment and population in Zimbabwe, informal trading has also grown with local authorities also managing to rack enough to run their day to day business at council including salaries through vending fees

Addressing a meeting recently, Emanuel Mahachi, secretary for youths in Harare province told members of his party to take charge and collect fees from informal traders using tables at Mupedzanhamo.

As the meeting reached momentum, stones were thrown from all directions towards gathered people an attack believed to be from members of the MDC.

It is not clear which MDC amongst the 2 is accused to have attacked zanu pf youths.

While there were touring Magaba flats and Mupedzanhamo showing off strength, Mahachi and team reorganised and proceeded to Mupedzanhamo throwing stones towards MDC youth in vicinity where he was grabbed and seriously beaten.

“We are going to claim back vendoing tables at Mupedzanhamo open spaces where MDC youths are collecting money,”it is Zanupf mandate to prevent MDC from collecting money in vending tables around Harare province” ,said Mahachi.

Efforts to get a comment from both the police and HCC were fruitless as their phones went unanswered by time of going to publish