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Wasu, Ambassador Of Zimbabwean Culture

By Steve Ephraem

WASU is a term that is christened to people whose roots are in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe. There are claims that when speaking, Wasu cannot complete a sentence without putting in English words, so the term “Wasu ngewe Ingirishi.”

Some even claim that “PaTsambe ngepe Ingirishi,” meaning that St Augustine (Tsambe) High School in Penhalonga (outside Mutare) is the home of English in Zimbabwe. That is Wasu with you.

Here is a Wasu who isn’t related to English but local culture and vernacular languages. His name is Beaven Tito and is well known by his stage name, Ambassador.

Born and bred in the high density suburb of Sakubva in Mutare, Ambassador is currently based in Pretoria, South Africa where he is raising the Zimbabwean traditional flag.

Ambassador revealed to this publication that he is self employed as a welder but is rooted in arts which sees him being a musician and a filmmaker.

Beaven Tito

“I am into traditional music and also write scripts and direct films. I sing mostly in Shona and a little bit of English. I promote my vernacular language in all my productions that is where the name Ambassador came from since I carry the Zimbabwe flag on my tongue.

“My brand is called Shumba yemabvazuva (The lion from the East) and my music genre is called Zimtraditional music although I can sing across various genres. I play the mbira instrument called nhare and also play percussion and do lead vocals,” said Tito.

The Ambassador has 2 studio albums to his credit, namely Chinyakare, an eight track album released in 2018 and another six track one called Ndodzungaira which is set to be released end of this month. He also has done 18 single tracks.

“My hit song from the album became the title track itself, Chinyakare and from my singles saw Zimzendemu becoming a darling of many people. I hope that the upcoming album shall also produce a hit or more.

“I am currently working with 2 producers, DJ Skhalo of Dadska music and Billion the Largest of Coles studios. I shall make a video for Ndodzungaira and I already have videos streaming on YouTube which are Chinyakare, Ndochemera kuna aniko, Rudo and Zimzendemu.

“My vision is to see Zimbabweans identify themselves with there own traditional music and dances, to dominate and bring back our traditional music. To my fans I say keep supporting me.

“I would to thank Dr Carsow of Union Sounds, Mr John Muroyi of Wizardpro and DJ Skhalo of Dadska music for making the upcoming project possible also and also my wife Progress (Progie G) Gweredza for allowing me to steal her time and dedicated it to music,” added Tito.