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Amendment Bill #2 A Good Lesson For Zimbabweans: Mliswa

By Shingirai Vambe

Harare- Norton Member of Parliament, Themba Mliswa has scorned the citizens of Zimbabwe following the sailing through of the amendment bill number 2 which allow the appointment of Judges by the President and scrapping of the running mate concept for Vice Presidents.

Mliswa said it’s a big good lesson for Zimbabweans to be able to appreciate their understanding of politics and their constitution.

“They stand to be well educated but not well read, Zimbabweans don’t read or understand the constitution, when they vote, and they go to elections on political party lines and not one’s capacity”

“One needs to comprehend the far reaching effects it would have on the countries’ generations to come” added Mliswa.

An unemployed man reads up on Zimbabwean constitutional law to understand the process of possible presidential impeachment, in a park opposite the parliament building in downtown Harare.

Earlier during a workshop in Mutare, the Speaker of Parliament, Jacob Mudenda, urged teachers through the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education and Unions to teach students about the constitution so that they are able to understand and interpret it.

“Zimbabweans don’t understand the power of legislators and councilors, whether you like it or not Zanu pf followed the constitution, they amended it, sadly they are the majority who are you to blame considering the political situation in the MDC” said Mliswa.

22 members from the MDC voted against this bill and during Parliamentary public consultations,  the nation rejected it too, to the extent that members from the ruling party allege that None Governmental Organizations (NGOs) were paying citizens to speak against the bill.

He further highlighted that 2023 general elections should prove that citizens are able to identify their representatives with capacity, it boils down to the electorate, said Mliswa.