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Private Players Partner To Keep Kadoma Clean


When everyone seemed to be busy with their daily schedules, two Health Community Based Organisations ( CBOs) in partnership with the Kadoma City’s Health Department, began a clean up of the City’s high density suburbs.

They started with the single quarter areas in Rimuka in an effort to keep the City in it’s unsullied state.

The area was now in a sorry state and it took two Health Groups Batsirai and Shanduko to clean and remove waste from various points.

Speaking to the secretary of Shanduko Mr Mathezia Ngomalala, she said it was appropriate to Clean the area which had become a dumping site to residents of the area.

” I feel excited to be part of the group, council and community involved , the area looks better now” she said.

Kadoma City Health Department took the initiative and mobilised the CBO groups to clean the single quarters area where there is high rate of human activities and over population, a threat to diarrhoeal diseases such as Cholera and Typhoid.

“We urge members of the public to use bins in the area because waste is one of the major challenge to sewer blockages affecting drainage system as well as air pollution” commented Ngomalala.

The failure by the City of Kadoma to frequently collect refuse from high density suburbs had forced residents to dump their garbages at undesignated places pausing a threat to bacterial infested diseases .

Kadoma city’s Environmental Health Technician ( EHT) Tsitsi Matulino applauded the groups for a job well done and said that the council is making effort cleaning the city as well as rendering its required services to residents.