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Gweru Calls For Legal Frameworks Compliance To Foster Good Public Finance Management

By Tinaani Nyabereka.

Stakeholders in Gweru have raised eyebrows over the Public Finance Management Bill that was gazetted on March 31 2021 and expected to undergo public scrutiny before the end of the year, Post On Sunday reports.

Interested parties both in the public and private sectors have expressed the need to instill compliance on the bill to foster good governance practices on public finances.

Speaking during the Gweru Public Finance Management Reform Indaba on the bill recently Zimbabwe Coalition On Debt and Development (ZIMCODD) Campaigns Manager ,Angella Mandoreba, said it was important for Public Finance Management to be underpinned on accountability and transparency as it was the engine of the economy.

“Ensuring a sense of efficacy was fundamental on revenue utilization.
Public Finance Management is important in the day to day running of the state ,hence the call for the need to have it pinned on accountability and transparency is key to avoid illicit financial flows and corruption.

“In line with the Public Finance Management bill we need to call for a sounding Public finance lookout because we need to ensure efficacy in resource utilization as we need to put our finances to good use.

“we also have legal frameworks which are very good and presentable but our problem remains that of compliance, as enforcement and implementation is a challenge” added Mandoreba.

Unpacking the strengths ,gaps and opportunities on the perspective on the proposed Public Finance Management Bill ,Gweru Residents Forum director, Charles Mazorodze said there was need to link the provisions and principles of good public administration to tackle issues of development at grassroot level.

“normally public finance administration should be developmentally oriented hence as Civic Society Organization and non state actors lets link the provision and principles of good public finance administration to address developmental issues.”

Midlands State University Local Governance Lecturer and Development expert, Doctor Vincent Chakunda said,there was need to have public finance with comprehensive statistics.

“there is need to benchmark our public finances with statistics that are real and presentable because the problem which affect people from participating in national fiscal issues is lack of tangible figures.

Corruption is across the divide ,and probably everyone is corrupt, our legal institutions may seem good but corruption remains a challenge and this will still see financial leakages in public institutions.” added Chakunda.