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Culture Calls Set To Promote Chimanimani Tourism

By Steve Ephraem

WHILE most of us acknowledge that we are living in a global village where people of different cultures live together and interact, the sad story comes when we look at how our young generation is alienated from their African identity.

When it was said that globalisation should make people tolerate each other’s cultures, it wasn’t said that one has to first destroy the indigenous culture, therefore adopt a foreign one. If people claim anything along those lines, it will be just hiding behind the finger.

Even if the young generation has lost touch with the African culture, there are some positive developments that are taking place in the eastern border region.

Youths in Chimanimani have embarked on a journey to restore the pride of African culture under the banner called, Culture Calls.

Tinovimbanashe Hilda Tendeukai, the secretary of the group, told Post on Sunday that their program is to empower Chimanimani rural communities through cultural tourism.

“Culture Calls shall be operating in the Chimanimani communities and seek ways of preserving African culture and heritage by so doing boosting cultural tourism.

What we are simply saying is that communities should benefit through upholding to their culture.

“We want communities to return to their basics. Our culture has conservation methods. This is what we want to promote and keep our place attractive to tourists. We want the young generation to at least appreciate the good aspects of our culture,” said Tino.

Born in Chipinge 21 years ago, Tinovimbanashe herself loves to be identified with her culture.

“Personally, I love African traditional attire which identifies me as an African.

Our African culture has norms such as respecting our parents and elders, respecting our bodies and respecting other people’s belongings, and conserving nature, to name just but a few.

“Promotion of cultural attire, is one way we convey to the world that this is our identity so visit us and experience our African dressing in particular and the culture at large,” she added.

Culture Calls shall market Chimanimani culture on various digital platforms.