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Chanter ‘Breezy Nukem’ Launches 5 Track EP

By Tinaani Nyabereka.

Gweru- based Hip Hop artist,’ Breeze Nukem’ whose real name is Romeo Banda (20) last week released a 5 track Extended Playlist titled ‘Madhara Season’.

The playlist includes collaboration with other artists like Nasty Tricks, and Paurosi among others.

Banda told Post On Sunday that, his motivation rose from the favourable and respectable responses which he recently got from his fans.

“The favourable responses which i recently got from the nation made me to come up with a 5 track extended playlist project to help them keep their trust on me.

“I would like to thank everyone for the love I’m getting from the local radio stations such as 98.4 fm and 95.8 central radio for  playing my music, it means a lot to me.” added Banda.

He added that during the Covid-19 lockdown he managed to work out on various projects which are yet to come.

“One way or the other the Covid-19 lockdown helped me to polish up my projects, it also made me to realise that music was a job not a hobby despite how it geatly impacted live performances.

It is my prayer that soon things will return to normalcy, he said.

“Currently dont have any album at the moment but its all in the pipeline. am still working towards strenthing my fanbase first by releasing various singles as i now get a lot of tracks in my name” he added.

He further urged fellow artists to have focus and unity always.

“Believe in your dreams, believe in who you are and also accept criticism because it’s everywhere. The greatest thing I call for, is unity among artists.” Banda added.

The Gweru born hip hop chanter ,Romeo Mulekanoh Banda started his music career in 2016.