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Gweru Residents Donate Towards Heart Surgery Patient

… as the child seek financial assistance to undergo a heart valve repair.

By Tinaani Nyabereka.

Gweru- ward 4 residents yesterday reached out to Chikumbiro Primary School learner ,Parslely Sithole ,who is suppose to undergo a heart valve repair surgery abroad.

The monetary donation which was comprised of US$190, R300 and RTGS 200 was handed over to Chikumbiro Primary School Headmistress, Kesina Dera, by ward councillor Martin Chivhoko and Ward 4 Committee chairperson Alderman Sithole.

Speaking during the handover session at Chikumbiro Primary School, Ward 4 Councillor, Martin Chivhoko said a number of families had decided to contribute towards Parsely’s treatment.

He added that some of the contributions were yet to be forwarded as promised.

“We thought of visiting Parsely to hand over this monetary donation which was made by ward 4 residents. some of the residents directly deposited the money into the bank and ecocash while others made their cash contributions which I and my ward Co Chairperson Alderman Sithole have come to hand over today.

“Our contribution list is still open to residents who still want to donate and if anything comes up we will call again to handover.” added Chivhoko.

Chikumbiro High School head, Kesina Dera expressed gratitude to ward 4 residents and the Gweru community for showering Parsely with love.

“we are grateful to ward 4 residents , the Gweru community and our leadership for the love they have shown to Parsely, contribution have been and I believe they will go a long way and transform our learner’s life.

“we would also like to thank various schools in Gweru for their donations and fellow students and staff members as they are also bringing in contributions almost on daily basis.

As a school we have managed to raise more than RTGS 20k for her, it is our prayer that next week the learner will go and get the assistance she requires.

“Since the covid 19 pandemic is at its peak in India it has been resolved for Parsely to go and be attended to in Egypt, so arrangements are being sorted for the family’s travel and accommodation.” she said.

Dera further said, Parsley’s mother Abigail Sibanda, was also in need of decent shelter as she was having accommodation challenges.

“The Sithole family is also having accommodation challenges as they are currently lodging ,so with Parsely’s condition it has become a very difficult moment as the child need a quiet environment. Moreso she doesn’t have a helper to look after the child if she is not at home, most of the time she is forced to leave Parsely alone at home in order to attend to other important needs.” Dera added.

Gweru Mayor ,Josiah Makombe has also donated foodstuffs to the learner.

Those willing to assist Parsely can contact : Chikumbiro School Head on 0773366726
or Abigail Sibanda on 0778205559.

For donations contact : +263785837994
+263 773366726
+263 732500407