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Netone Vision On Track

By Marth Leboho

Masvingo – With the growing desire, hunger and thirst for information across the world and in Zimbabwe, Netone still on track in upgrading and connecting marginalized areas in the country so that no one is left behind the digital era.

Addressing Journalist at Charles Austin Theater Friday afternoon, acting head of marketing and Public Relations Officer Denis Chagonda, said they are upgrading their network for everyone to get easy access.

“The world has quickened the pace in terms of digital adoption and acceleration so we are upgrading our systems to cover all areas in Zimbabwe which had poor network coverage, especially in the rural areas as well as looking at our tariffs so that people can connect and access internet services at low cost.”

The New era brought in by Covid-19 left Zimbabwe unmasked on the digital divide gap which exposed under development in the country with many children in schools required to bring their mobile gadgets and doing their lessons on line.

Chagonda however stated that in Masvingo province, Netone had covered most areas to a total of 90 percent and wanting to cover the remaining 10 percent for full capacity utilization of the broadband service.

Netone representative in Masvingo, Tendai Khumalo, said they are rolling out a 3G network in all remote areas of Masvingo while a proposal has already been submitted to the ministry of higher and tertiary education to have affordable data for learners.

“We are Opening 3G network” he said.
This is due to geographic locations which have affected many regions in Zimbabwe and the 3G will be the best at this particular time when other countries are already working using 5G and 4G in most parts of Africa including Zimbabwe.