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Policy Times Calls For Sound Policy Formulation In Africa

By Tinaani Nyabereka

The Policy Times, an Indian based media entity has called for Africa to formulate and implement sound policies in Africa towards development.

Speaking during a global policy talk series on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Roadmap on Post Covid 19 Pandemic virtually last week, Policy Times Founder Editor, Arkam Hoque said there was need to utilise available spaces in driving policy implementation inline with SDGs despite the devastating effects of Covid 19 which had affected the world.

“I would like to urge our African leaders to come up with sound governance polices because policy is the nucleus of development.

“If we fail to produce policies which activate progress and motivation, we are simply delaying our progress as Africa.

In the wake of the covid 19 pandemic we need policies that address people’s livelihoods because Covid 19 left a trail of poverty, hunger and human rights abuse among other issues.

This mustn’t end there ,we also need good policy implementation mechanisms, for a long time Africa has had a record of poor governance and electoral systems.

“As Sustainable Development Goal advocates we were given the SDGs framework by the United Nations and it is up to us to spearhead development by identifying best developmental models which suits our localities, communities and people.

This can only be achieved by embracing effective technologies, as we now live in the digital era.” added Hoque.

The sustainable development goals are a cohort of 17 global Goals set by the United Nations General Assembly in 2015 . They are part of the resolution 70/1 of the UN on Transforming the World on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The goals are also broad and interdependent, with each having a separate list of targets to achieve.
Zimbabwe Sustainable Development Goal advocate, Takudzwanashe Samhembere said there was need to capacitate African communities on Sustainable Development Goals as most people lagging behind.

“Issues to do with SDGs is one of the critical one, Africa needs to start living with the big narrative of implementing these goals to achieve development. Already we are in the decade of action and our main aim across Africa is to see the fulfillment of these goals.

“We can see that since the emerging of the covid 19 pandemic a lot has been affected, focusing on Sustainable Development Goal number 3 which talks of good health and well being, right now we hear that hospital are overwhelmed and full to capacity on admissions.

“Also on education, in my community young people have been greatly affected as they are not going to school, so we need a roadmap to see how best we can tackle some of these challenges and sounding platforms on how best we can capacitate various people, organisation on SDGs. One thing which I noticed is people are implementing goals unknowingly, our greatest problem is that of educating people because they don’t understand this subject.” added Samhembere.

More Global Foundation Co- Founder, Musa Olatunji said its saddening to note that young people were being used as pawn in politicians.

“Am much passionate about youth development particularly focusing on SDG 4 and 16 but its disheartening to noted that instead of us youths being developmental oriented we are being used in creating conflict.

“It is like here in Nigeria, when we talk of youths it comes along with issues to do with peace and that’s why am passionate about youth development because what I know is if young people are educated enough they understand the importance of peace building in a nation.

“We cannot talk about youth development leaving out the aspect of peace because peace help youth understand the role they have championing development in their respect communities.” added Olatunji.” he added.