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Polad & Politics


The suspicious relationship between the ruling Zanu PF Party and the Chinese Government simply befuddled my young Sis who scrambled for meaning. Exhausted with diligent mind ransack ,devoid of answers ,she decided to ask . ” How does the Chinese select their members of Parliament and President”?. What ho? She is young to worry about these complex systems I thought. It’s utterly irrelevant at her age. She is twelve!


Today it has struck me into realisation ; that we are being slowly but expeditiously driven into a Chinese political model. These rogues we call leaders are using every means in the political book to drive this country into a system of Governance where leaders are NOT chosen by the people. This resonates with the so called Quanguo Renmin Daibiao Dahui ( Chinese National Pple’s Congress) which is a dubious group of over 2500 parliamentarians who elect the Chinese President! This illegitimate union has deprived the Chinese of the right to select their leaders.

The recent POLAD shenanigans by the Zanu PF leader and president of Zimbabwe must not be lightly taken by vigilant Zimbabweans. A platform he created unilaterally ; outside the ambit of our laws has suddenly become a State Institution where participants drive cars bought for them by the State and will keep them for themselves after three years! If this is not absolute State Capture by the president ; then what is it? So Mthuli activates austerity by subjecting civil servants to meagre salaries to ensure the proceeds are siphoned into some treacherous political scheme? Rewarding political losers in exchange for loyalty and rubber stamping an imminent Chinese political model is part of a surreptitious political movements to get rid of elections and exterminate freedom of choice.


After crippling parliament through systematic lawfare ; the gates to discretionary use of public funds was simply generated. There is a glaring misplacement of priorities here. One would expect a Government to deal with underfunded schools and hospitals. How has POLAD become so important during Covid? We are witnessing a process of the creation of the Chinese National Pple’s Congress through appeal to the participants’ insatiable appetites to remain relevant in politics after the 2018 drubbing as well as the typical Zimbabwean trait of stomach first!


This batch has simply been captured and will now dance to the tune of their handler. The next pawn which has since been created is found in a statement I read from the Herald. ” Mwonzora is now leader of the opposition in the house ; therefore qualifies to join POLAD. Is this not consistent! Who elected this Mwonzora? This comrade together with those POLAD participants are political nonentities whose sole survival rests with a Chinese Political Model where they are simply NOT elected but forced on people as the people’s representatives.

There is no doubt that Mwonzora will join POLAD and receive his share of the loot! His sole existence and power is a function of systematic lawfare whose power rests with the president! The elasticity of love in allowing a comic congress which chose him during lockdowns coupled with how he has been aided to take over Harvest House is a clear indication of big brother’s grip on this comrade’s political fortunes.


So as we approach 2023 dear comrades let me prophesy! This group of charlatans in POLAD plus this season’s political mampara of the year Mwonzora will be used to decide our political fate! The stage is set for a season of political sabterfuge. Clandestine meetings will be held. Whatever sick agreement reached by this lot will be taken to Parliament and will become law. Our Constitution will be utterly destroyed to pave way for the new normal. Covid will be the excuse! Elections are gone! Adieu ballot boxes!!!