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Scotch-Cart Accident Kills 11 Year Old Driver

By Branton Matondo


Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has confirmed t犀利士
he death of a young juvenile following an unfortunate scotch cart accident in Maboleni.


The incident took place on the 2nd of August around 1730 hours and Midlands Provincial Spokesperson Emmanuel Mahoko confirmed the incident on the 5th of July 2021.

In an official statement, Mahoko said ,”The incident occurred on 02nd of August 2021 around 1730 hours, Ntandokayise Ncube was driving an ox drawn cart without being led from Maboleni Business Centre proceeding home with Muzingaye Teddy Ntini on board along an unnamed bush road.


Whilst on their way, the scotch cart hit a tree stump which was on the road side, it overturned and hit Ntini on the head. The now deceased sustained severe head injuries and died on the spot.”


Further circumstances from ZRP indicate that a report was made at ZRP Maboleni and scene was attended.


Investigations are in progress.


Inspector Mahoko advised the public to desist from tasking juveniles with scotch cart driving.


“It is sad that life of a child was lost in these circumstances. Parents are reminded to always bear in mind that it is their duty to guard against accidents of this nature by ensuring that animal drawn carts are always led.”