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Johane Marange Practises, Dubbed Brutal

By Branton Matondo

Labour Economist Afrikans Democracy (LEADS) has called for an immediate halt of Johane Marange practises that they see as inhibitions following the death of young Machaya.

In a statement released on the 6th of July 2021, LEAD Secretary of Information and Publicity Roseline Ncube said that Johane Marange practises have received a lot of toleration and its high time they are put to an end.

“These Johane Marange practises have been happening for a long time and have been given a blind eye.

Its high time they should come to an end. No child below the age of 16 can consent to sex. This is considered rape, therefore legal action should be done without any fear or favour.

Secondly it is a person’ s right to go to the hospital when giving birth thus legal action is required,” said Ncube.

The death of young Machaya has sparked a social media blitz with many gender activists and radical feminists calling for the government to intervene.

LEAD President Linda Masarira is totally against Johhane Marange acts which is clear violation to girl rights. She said, “After doing research about the livelihoods of women and the girl child in the Marange Sect.

I realized that I haven’t done enough as long as 12-17 year olds are still being married off before the legal age of consent to get married in Zimbabwe which is 18. I am ashamed that girls are subjected to sexual abuse and sexploitation in the name of religion and child marriage.

I am disgusted that I am one of those women who tirelessly claim to be fighting for the girl child whilst they are being denied access to education and subjected to servitude and living conditions which are as good as servitude.”

LEAD believes that civil protection units are sleeping on duty and the government is doing nothing to chuck out this cancer sleeping behind the name of religion.

“As LEAD are challenging the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) to take action towards everyone who was involved in the Memory case to have their trial towards the action which led to the poor girl’s death.

Moreso, ZRP should also investigate more about these girls who are being forced inti marriages and being raped everyday due to this so called religion. No religion is above the law. There is no religious law that supersedes the country’s constitutional laws,” added Ncube.