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Zisco Steel Resuscitation Mission Impossible

By Midlands Correspondent

A knowledgeable development expert based in Redcliff has said that Ziscosteel resurrection is zero to none considering the advance in technology.

Former Redcliff council projects accountant and Copenhagen Consensus Youth Forum (CCYF) (an advisory organisation to the Danish Prime Minister) Stern Rinashe said that authorities should not toy people around by prospecting Ziscosteel resuscitation because Ziscosteel is a foregone giant.

“We shouldn’t be fooling people that we can resuscitate Zisco. Technologies have moved and as far as l see that old horse, to me it looks impossible to bring it back to life. Its clearly impossible to resuscitate Zisco with old technology,” said Rinashe.

According to the him, Ziscosteel is currently under ravage and property stripping from thief’s and the only hope bring back Ziscosteel is by constructing a new company.

“The moment that there is introduction of new technology means that there is total resurfacing and starting anew. Ziscosteel is being stripped and how can you bring back a giant with stripped property? There is need for a big investment and an overhaul plan because its strategic business to Zimbabwe,” added Rinashe.

Reports of international investors trickling in from 2018 but development has not yet surfaced and Rinashe indicated that such fruitless endeavors are as a result of government failing to prioritise.

“Ziscosteel is not being prioritized by government and when prioritising for a nation you need to involve those in consent and there has not been a set of priorities from the government so far, even at national level even at local level,’ concluded Rinashe.