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Christian Eye Sneak’s Into Hollywood 

By Branton Matondo and Boanerges Chokuda

In focus is a Christian delve in the now superior Hollywood spectrum, what does it mean to a Christian believer upon interacting with the western dominant, what are the norms and ideals that fall into place upon encompassing their influential pieces?

A one on one conversation with one Boanerges Chokuda, radical Christian movie compiler and a sheer believer in potency of Christian gospel left me with an idea on the extent at which the muscle of Hollywood genre has choked the Christian throat.

Many sentiments concerning this issue have been brought to my attention but it was amusing to learn some more from one man who believes that western genre has envisaged a World War of content apprehension.

‘It is dangerous to follow ideals and norms of Hollywood content, it is destructive when one takes in to account marvel and avenger type of movies that defy Christianity and even go to the extent of defying the presence of God”, said Chokuda.

Almost 95% of Hollywood produce is diminishing, almost 75 percent of Zimbabwean are dier Christians and almost 60% of Zimbabweans are youths (18-35 years).

Yes, just a piece of statistics but one has to draw a link line. The American motion picture industry preaches idol worshipping, prostitution, robbery, pre marital sex, three or more some sex extravaganzas, homosexuality, drug shenanigans, violence, nation despise, the list goes on and on.

“As a Christian loving nation, we must know where we stand. The youth of today should grasp the idea that yes, we are participants of globalisation but the return of Jesus is at hand. People should put to practise Christian ideologies for the preparation of the second coming”, said the radical.

In the eyes of people like Chokuda, Hollywood class of publication is the enemy, geared to blind the whole Christian community into thinking that God has cast a blind eye to humanity.

Though there might be a bag full of Hollywood talk, Chokuda proposes a possible solution. ” Christian movies teach about salvation. They present a lifestyle that can build nations and preserve a nations dignity”.

In as much as we try to disagree and debate the notion that Christianity is a white religion, we should know that some people in Zimbabwe have an encounter with Jesus Christ, our saviour.

Boanerges Chokuda is a Christian film maker who resides in Chiredzi. His work is rather unique because he tries to capture and teach the word of God by combining it with some action packed scenes