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Green Institute Commences The Bee Keeping Training Programme In Ward 19 Rural Chipinge.

By Livingstone Mtetwa.

CHIPINGE- The Green Institute has commenced the bee keeping training program in ward 19 rural Chipinge with the motive of uplifting women and the girl child to financial empowerment and self reliability.

The programme which commenced on Friday, October 15, 2021, attracted residents from Matanga, Barauta, Dimire, Mashedze and Kodzeka villages and was applauded by residents as a move set to uplift lives in the rural community by lifting the financial burden.

The Co-founder of the Green Institute, Blessing Matasva, who officiated the meeting spoke vividly on how the initiative will help in supporting the livelihood of residents in ward 19.

“The bee keeping programme which will be sponsored by the Green Institute in ward 19 rural Chipinge will help in upgrading the lives of people in the rural community with the aim of eliminating issues of child marriages based on dependence as well as empowering women and the girl child to be self sufficient and financially empowered,” said Matasva.

Matasva also said that the project will help in educating residents on the importance of preserving the natural forest thus discouraging deforestation.

“Our main agenda as the Green Institute is to teach people the value of preserving the natural forest with the aim of mitigating issues of climate and seasonal changes hence such a project will play a large role in doing so as it will use the natural forest thus discouraging deforestation,” said Matasva.

Naison Mayahle a professional bee keeper who stood as the guest trainer left nothing to be desired as he gave insightful bee keeping ideas on bee housing, the distance space between people and the hive, the production amount per 3 months, the harvesting techniques as well as the dangers of bee keeping.

The event was also graced by a representative from the Forest Commission, Learnmore Manjengwa, who hammered on the importance of preserving the natural forest adding that the Mt Selinda ‘Chirinda’ forest remains one of Zimbabwe’s great monuments, habitat to the tourist attracting ‘big tree.’

The Green Institute Trust is an organization supported by the embassy of Netherlands in Zimbabwe which started in Manicaland with the intention of empowering women in Manicaland Province particularly Chipinge District. The project focuses on economic emancipation of woman through community gardens and Tseu land ownership concept, sexual reproductive health (SRH), community engagements on ending child marriages and domestic violence as well as clean up campaigns.