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Women Groups Commemorate Breast Cancer Day In Masvingo

By Martha Leboho

Edith Chatikobo Trust (ECT Zimbabwe) and Primier Africa partnered  in a clean up campaign, commemorating the Breast cancer month.

Speaking during the clean up campaign , Programs officer Celeb Mafuka urged women to get regular checks for breast cancer.

“I am grateful that we are all going to clean our city and also spreading awareness message to the residents about this deadly disease which commonly affect women called the breast cancer.

“We urge you to go for regular check ups, and get screened so that you know your status than for Kate respond when you are already affected” said Mafuka.

Primier Afrika Director Victor Hwakwa said it is everyone’s duty to spread awareness and concentise the community about breast cancer and any other cancerous diseases.

“October is a month to shine , and I can see pink is dominating, and it is everyone’s duty to give awareness to the community to get screened early for breast cancer.

Let’s keep the spirit of togetherness for together we can fight cancer, we want to save lives as well as encourage a number of ladies that are not aware outside there that we should go for regular checks” said Hwakwa.

ECT Zimbabwe is a Non-governmental organization which aims to inspire hope and contribute to the overall health and well being of cancer patients, survivors and their families by providing information, education research and services.