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EFZ Engages Midlands Youths On Constitutionalism

‎… empowers them on Sexual Reproductive Health Rights

By Tinaani Nyabereka.

Gweru-Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe (EFZ) is on the drive, engaging with young people in the Midlands town on a Sexual Reproductive Health (SRH) Rights.

The capacity building training came as an eye opener through efforts to empower youths on health matters.

Speaking during the engagemnet in Mkoba, last week, Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe’s SRHR Program Trainer and Facilitator, Priscilla Samundombe said it was important for youths to be capacitated with adequate knowledge on sexual reproductive health.

She added that it was good for men to take a leading role in sexual rights advocacy as stereotyping was still a challenge in most commumities.

“it is important to talk about SRH issues beacuse they encompass issues to do with early child marriages, abuse among other issues.

She also touch on the issues to do with HIV/AIDS, maternal Health,Sexual transimitted infections ,stigma as well as Gender Based Violence.

“To achieve equality on SRH rights we need to support equality, because this does not affect women and girls only rather it affects each and every one including men .So there is need for man to speak on these issues ,we need their voice to heard.

“SRH involves set of rights as those enshrined in the constitution, it includes the right to marry and establish a family, enter into full marriage with full consent ,health care ,protection and right to be protected from harmful practices.” added Samundombe

She further highlighted the importance of embracing information saying health matters were sensitive in nature as they required confidentiality and understanding.

“Confidentality is one of the key pillars under SRH because some of the health issues are very sensitive in nature and requires proffessionalism when addressing them.

“Women still suffer exclusion as there is no equal distributed of resources. most advocacy has been lying on women beacuse they have been excluded on various platforms over the years due to the patriarchal nature of our society, we need women and girls to take lead in decision making processes.

“There is also need for coporates to come up with safeguarding policies against abuse as these policies work hand in hand with gender equality advocacy. I urge women to know that safeguarding policies protects them against exploitations.”she said.

EFZ Gweru District Chairperson, Pastor Alfred Hove said young girls were suppose to expose any acts of abuse by reporting cases of abuse to the police ,trusted family and church leaders

“I would like to ecourage young girls and boys to safeguard their wellbeing by exposing by reporting an cases of abuse to the police .We are having problems because victims of abuse are remaining silent” he said.

However, women and girls are said to be victims of abuse, Parliament earlier said women and girls should also equally act responsibly, in their places of work, their dressing and behavior in public.

The Gender Commission has also highlighted that not only women and girls are suffering from abuse but also men and young boys are also victims.