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VISET Launches Financial Inclusion Framework For Vendors In Midlands

By Tinaani Nyabereka

Gweru- Vendors Initiative for Social Economic Transformation, (VISET), has launched its financial Inclusivity Campaign(FIC) to capacitate vendors in Midlands.

Speaking to Post on Sunday during an interview recently ,VISET director Sam Wadzai said the training was organised to empower the informal sector on financial literacy and economic growth.

“The aim of the financial inclusion project is to impact and empower the informal sector as we strive to create support networks so that we cascade information to grassroots.

“we want those who have been capacitated to go and disseminate information to others.” wadzai added.

He further said it was an open secret that our banking sector was not evironmental friendly for investiment.

Since time memorial Zimbabwe financial institutions have been surviving on interest and service charges from their clients instead of selling money and making profit.

The banking system has however failed to have a break through into the private sector as the money circulate in the streets exchanging hands, be it hard cash or transfers

However VISET is still encouraging vendors to open accounts and take their proceeds to the bank.

“We still need to encourage each to use the bank because it is the only safest place to keep your money .Good financial practices remain key pillar which always support business and without them business wont do well. we believe our economy will be better and one day we will have confidence in our banking system.” added Wadzai.

VISET Monitoring and Evalution Officer ,Edward Kapodogo said it was also important for informal sector to know the concept of budgeting in business.

Meanwhile Wadzai commended Gweeu city council for constructing state of the art market facility saying other local authorities were suppose to emulate such models.

“As vendors representative we would like to commend the establishemnt of the state of art market facility at kudzanai. we hope other local authorities will emulate such good models in their cities.” added Wadzai.