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Government Targets Rural Schools On Internet Connection

By Martha Leboho

The government of Zimbabwe has enrolled an initiative targeting rural schools on internet connection a move that will bridge a digital gap between rural and urban areas nationwide.

Speaking during a launch of Tafara High School ICT laboratory in Bikita East, Deputy Minister for ICT , postal and courier services Dingumuzi Phuti said no place should be left behind in terms of Internet as ICT is transforming all sectors of economy.

“In their pervasive nature, ICTs are transforming all sectors of economy with our education sector not being left out.

ICTs have become the corner stone for increased productivity efficiency and effectiveness in all economic sectors and facets of our everyday lives.

Zimbabwe has embraced the vitality of digitalized educational platforms as we move torwards attaining our vision of Zimbabwe becoming an upper middle-income economy by 2030” he said.

ZARNET Chief Executive Officer Washington Musungwa said the government’s move is to provide reliable internet connectivity to the marginalized , disadvantaged and remote areas.

“The government is spearheading a project called The national e-learning implementing strategy plan which will ensure that communities are connected to advance education especially during the COVID-19 pandemic

The traditional learning has come to a screeching hold and the government has funded the ICT projects as we aim for digital economy.

We have been mandated to identify disadvantaged and remote places so that we implement ICT Infrastructure countrywide” said Musungwa.

Tafara High School headmaster Solomon Manduvi applauded government and said this gesture will go a long way in improving their educational standards and pass rate.

“We are very grateful for this gesture, online learning was a challenge here and now that we have facilities our learners are now able to access data on internet,

The community have also applauded government for this and this have placed our school on the map similar to our colleagues in the urban areas and this will go a long way in assisting on our pass rate.” said Manduvi.

Bethel Chamunorwa an Upper Sixth student said the ICT laboratory will help them research on some topics that they have missed during the COVID-19 pandemic and they have been challenged to work hard for better pass rate.

Tafara High School has an enrollearner 670 learners.

Meanwhile, the government is spearheading a project to decentralize Public Finance Management district kiosk in a move to curb the Covid 19 pandemic.

Speaking during the launch of Zaka Public Finance Management System district kiosk , Deputy Minister, Dingumuzi Phuti said the kiosk will help ease work and travelling for villagers to the head offices.

“Data and information is the new oil that drives economy as economies across the globe are now being transformed to digital economies.

As commitment torwards ensuring that everyone regardless of region, race or colour the government of Zimbabwe is implementing Public Finance Management System district kiosks across all districts in the country a part of commitment devolution and decentralisation of public services” said Phuthi.