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Mambo Guramatunhu Pens Poem Against Political Violence

Masvingo Correspondent

Following an attack of the Movement for democratic Change (MDC-A) opposition leader Nelson Chamisa by more than 200 youths mobilised by ZANU PF in Charumbira area in Masvingo recently, Ngonidzashe Paradza popularly known by his stage name Mambo Guramatunhu pens a poem against political violence.

Mambo Guramatunhu urged the public to be united so as to have a peaceful elections come 2023.

“Masvingo has no violence, we are not slaves, so we should also use our brains, I am not endorsing Chamisa or decampaign him, neither am I endorsing President Mnangagwa or decampaign him but let’s all register to vote, for I am against violence in my community.

We may differ in what we like but the Great Zimbabwe was built with stones only, let us be united, people should also work for themselves and desist from being bribed by food” said Mambo.

He urged traditional leaders, residents associations , political leaders and church leaders to give awareness to the public about peace in communities.

“We are against, sanctions, violence, vandalism of property and intolerance, let’s have peace and our children should know politics of the brain and not violence.

Police it’s your duty to deal with these perpetrators of violence,.

Legislators , councilors, church leaders and residents associations should give awareness to the public about peace, Chiefs and village heads should also charge those who are involved in violence in a bid to register and vote in peace” he added.

Mambo adviced the public to maintain their relationships as politics will come and go but relationships will remain.