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12 billion Mining Industry By 2030 Visible, Mining consultancy

By Branton Matondo

A mining consultancy company is currently developing small scale miners across Midlands and the nation at large in a bid to feed vision 2030.

Since the rise of 2018 Architeca Survey Consultancy (ASC), a mining tech and consultancy firm co directed by senior member of Association of Mine Surveyors Zimbabwe (AMSZ) and ZIMPLATS certificate holder Norman Pfende has already developed over 200 mines across Midlands and Zimbabwe as a whole through maintaining mining boundaries claims and tech enhancements.

Pfende told Post On Sunsday that the firm is developing small scale miners in a bid to achieve vision 2030 as enacted by the president, emmerson Mnangagwa.

“Vision 2030 is an attractive prospect as it aims to bring Zimbabwe up to a middle income country. This will naturally and positively affect the mining sector which for us is always a good thing. So not only is it us that benefit but the country as a whole. With such an expanding pace of Zimbabwean mining sector, a 12 billion mining industry vision by 2030 is visible,” said Pfende.

ASC Managing Director Norman Pfende

ASC Technical Services Director Dale Blair said that mining is currently controlling the economy and small scale miners are actually contributing large to the final GDP hence formalization is eminent.

“Mining is driving the country and its high time we respect proper and complaint mining. The goal of every mine is to extract but optimizing extraction is the next hurdle to tackle. Planning and formalizing helps a lot in the long run. It feeds directly to the Vision 2030 as a higher revenue per capital in the process enlarging the GDP and that’s what we aim to achieve. A higher GDP means an increase in the income class rate.”

ASC is currently assisting small scale miners on a gross scale in maintaining boundary claims and assisting the ministry of mines in gathering cadastral data ahead of the national cadastral claims.

On a broad perspective, the firm is helping government by developing mines and persuing strategies for mineral beneficiation and value addition in order to trigger broad based economic development.

Small scale mining ensembles in Silobela, Kwekwe and Gweru are currently benefiting from ASC services.

“In Midlands we are working with Veracity Mines (Silobela), Jitesh Rama (Comet mines) (Silobela), Gold Metal Investments (Kwekwe), Venus Mine South Shaft (Kwekwe) and Regent Mine (Gweru) . The idea behind such engagements is to supply mine survey, mine geology exploration, shaft sinking, cadastral surveys and mining contracting. These are all efforts done to formalize small scale mining.” added Pfende.

Small scale mining has attracted a lot of participants in the past 5 years and the firm plans to assist more Midlands miners and the nation at large by engaging reputable organisation thereby covering a large customer base.

“There are lots and lots of small scale miners in Midlands and the nation at large but the issue now is for them to realize that mining in that fashion is business. Our engagements and relation with Kwekwe based Gold Metals Investment, the fastest growing mining organization in midlands owned by popular mining tycoon Shepherd Chahwanda,