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Chakafukidza: T-Hustle and Russel Tawanda Join The Fight Against Gender Based Violence

By Ronnie Chisamba

Harare-based musicians T-Hustle (hip hop) and Russel Tawanda(soul, Afro-pop and R’n’B) have joined the fight against against Gender Based Violence (G.B.V) by penning a song Chakafukidza and releasing a musical video of the same title.

The official launch of the video was recently done by the renowned Zimcelebs few days ago.

Media attention has resulted in the video being played on the national broadcaster ZBC TV and other popular media platforms.

Young Boy produced the initial track at Future City Records and the video was produced by Recat of Redcat Films.

Chikafukidza gives an insight into the marital woes which cripple the bloom of marriages.


Russel Tawanda (real name Russel Tawanda Matinyarare) had this to say on the inspiration that led to the success of both the track and the video:”Chakafukidza is basically the uncovering of what goes on behind closed doors.

Many times two people face challenges, some challenges even deep enough to threaten relationships, but outside their four walls they act happy and pretend everything is normal and perfect. In Chakafukidza we unveil what is hidden.” he said.

T-Hustle aka the Great One(real name Fungai Kativhu) and Russell Tawanda have collaborated on a number of projects in the past. Both artistes agree that more collaboration are going to be undertaken in the near future, Post on Sunday has learnt.