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Tembo Breaks 4 -Year Hiatus

By Goodwell Kazingizi

The son of the late legendary musician Biggie Tembo, Eriah Tembo(32) – aka Bluu-T has broken his four year hiatus by announcing the launch of his fourthcoming fourth album Musandiregerere.

Eriah made the statement during a recent interview with this publication.
Bluu-T launched his career when he released his debut track Nguva yareba in 2014, the released another album “Pachedu”, the same year.Pachedu was an eight-track package.

Musandiregerere is a 10 track compilation which is expected to be on air before the end of this year and selling in the coming year 2022.

The last born in family of four boys, popular with his farther biggie who was popular in the early 90s.

Bluu-T said “Since 2017 up to now I didn’t produce anything. But I have something new in stock & I know l disappointed my fans for the past couple of years but I am really promising you some fire works .l did my best this 10 track album MUSANDIREGERERE” he said.