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MP Mushayi’s Wish Fulfilled Beyond Her Grave

By Lorraine Muwuya

City of Harare for the past five years has not been able to supply water to communities sufficiently and Kuwadzana Constituency is amongst those not spared.

Shortage of clean water leads to a lot of water bone diseases.

Before the late Member of Parliament, Miriam Mushayi passed on her wish was to see the people to whom she was serving have clean and sufficient water.

Late MDC A MP Miriam Mushayi

The legacy was put to reality recently after he allocation for Community Development Fund was channeled towards the provision of solar powered boreholes in her Kuwadzana Constituency.

Mushayi was elected MP in 2018 as a member of the Movement for Democratic Change MDC Alliance and succumbed to covid in September 2020.

Honourable Joyce Jaja who is a proportional representative for Harare fulfilled the work for Mushayi’s Consituency by officially handing over the boreholes to residents and the local authority.

The MP and her subordinates found it fit to add supplementary water sources in form of boreholes in Kuwadzana Constituency.

Through the Constituency Development Fund and partners, Honourable MP Jaja has managed to drill two solar powered boreholes which she officiated on December 23 2021 in Kuwadzana.

One borehole is in Kuwadzana 6 and the other in Kuwadzana Phase.

The initiative brought a lot of joy to the people of Kuwadzana for they can now fetch water without walking long distances and also not queuing long hours at the boreholes.

The solar powered boreholes have brought a lot of joy to the vulnerable communities as they have been facing a lot of water shortages.

The boreholes were commissioned and amongst those who graced the occasion were Councilor Zumba, Resident Senator Morgan Femai and D.Os from Harare City Council.

The boreholes were handed over to the Harare City Council as the overseers and ownership to the people of Kuwadzana.

“The boreholes should not to be politicized” were the parting words from the Ward Councilor