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Illicit Drugs & Toxic Beers Killing Youths In Zimbabwe

By Lorraine Muwuya

Cheap whiskey named “Tumbwa” on the streets has destroyed the dreams of the youths in the Communities.


Most youths from different communities in Zimbabwe are resorting to taking drugs as a way to ease the challenges they are facing.

Lack of employment, high inflation rate leading to gender based violence as they are struggling to put food on the table and not able to support families just to mention a few.


The drugs and the cheap alcohol are now seen as stress relief products.

The Tumbwa cheap whiskey which on the streets cost only as little as ZWL $40 with an alcohol content of 40% makes an individual drunk for 48hours


Broncleer, Crystal Meth, Cocaine are among the drugs that young people are taking.


The question then is, “How will a nation develop with drunk graduates?” Who then will build it yet the so called youths dreams have been destroyed.


The Government of Zimbabwe through various organizations and the police are fight drug peddlers but the fight seem to be an unending thing as the socio-economic situation of the country continues to go down the drain.