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Zimbabwe Main Opposition Officially Announces Party Name

By Shingirai Vambe

Zimbabwe Main Opposition Party led by Adv Nelson Chamisa has submitted new party name, logo, leadership and constitution to the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) ahead of the March 26 By Election and 2023 General Election.

Addressing Journalists at a local hotel in Harare today, Advocate Nelson Chamisa said behold the new.

Chamisa told journalists in Harare that few challenges were experienced at ZEC but he finally submitted His party name and its symbols in line with the constitution and they (ZEC) accepted.

“We are starting a new journey, we have listened to the people of Zimbabwe, and here is the new baby, Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC).

Regardless of them taking everything from us, the name, the building and everything, we are more than ready to go into election with the new energy to lead Zimbabwe” Chamisa said.

“The liberation struggle was about the citizens of Zimbabwe, one man one vote thus we are going to restore the dignity and integrity of every citizen of Zimbabwe “he added.

“The Citizens Coalition for Change is the new name, we have a new colour in town, gold and yellow we are number 1 that is the slogan for the new party. This is for everybody, come and join this elephant it’s everyone’s bus”.

During a question and answer with journalists, Chamisa said there was never a fight with anyone, “thanks to Thokozani Khupe for telling us what was happing behind the curtains, the fight was in the state institutions which include the ZBC, Herald and the courts” he said.

Chamisa said Zanu Pf leader, Emmerson Mnangagwa is not a legitimate leader after a disputed 2018 election that’s why he was sponsoring members of opposition and failing to fix the economy and infrastructure in Zimbabwe.

“The resources that have been put trying to destroy us if put towards development would build a new town”

With the situation in South Africa, Chamisa said he is trying his level best to engage with South African Leadership because there is a crisis here but urged those across the border to come home and register to vote to fix the country.

He further stated that the New Party is being driven by the citizens, they are going to do much more to make sure that the elections are well and fully funded. People in the rural areas know what they are doing they are the ones driving this party.

Asked if he has diverted from the Tsvangirai Mantra and ideology, he said “Tsvangirai’s Whispers are still fresh in his eyes.

“A thief doesn’t stop to be a thief because there is a new police officer” said Chamisa in closing