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UMC Ventures into Agric Projects

By Faith Chimutsa

Harare Central District of The United Methodist Church (UMC) has ventured into agricultural projects which will boost the economy of the country as well as finance Church programmes in few years to come, Rev Oswell Kaseke said.

Speaking at the church scheduled tree planting day on the 19th of January 2022 at their Darwendale Farm in Norton, Pastor Chirimumimba added that the projects which we are venturing today, will promote the agricultural sector by bringing in foreign currency into the country.

The ceremony which was attended by 250 congregants, DS Rev Oswell Kaseke said the church should participate in these and many other programmes to utilize the available resources in an effort to protect the environment by planting more tropical and citrus trees.

“We are busy reforestrating, this promote government’s fight against climate change and restoration of the environment.

We continue educating our society to be responsible citizens through planting more trees and avoid deforestation as this has negative impact on climate change”, DS Rev Oswell Kaseke added.

The District Superintendent Rev Oswell Kaseke added that the whole idea of the project is to bring self-sustenance on church programmes, creation of employment and improving our food nutrition.

” It is only ourselves who can spearhead development in the environment arena to create a conducive environment where livelihood progress and prosper”, explained Rev Chipere.

Harare Central District emphatically urge the society to be the best steward of the environment and avoiding unnecessary cutting down of existing trees in various communities.

The United Methodist Church has started four projects which are fruit trees, horticulture, goat fattening and market gardening.