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The Death Of A ‘Poorest Celebrity

By Martha Leboho

It was a sad week after the world has been celebrating love on Monday only to receive the news that the ‘poorest celebrity’ was nomore.

Born and bred in the Ancient City of Masvingo, in the most popular surbab called Sisk, Zebby ‘Zebedia Kasinahama’ lost both parents and was left to be the head of the family since he was the elder brother, sociable human who was always wearing a smile all day.

Never been a trouble maker, there was no time you would find him without a beer.

Many people in town were wondering who could be popular to have so much crowd mourning only to realise that it was Masvingo Mayor Zebby ‘the poorest celebrity’

When the news of Zebby hit the ghetto , it felt like people were called for a rally in Sisk, the streets were flooded with people from different walks of life,the 1st street was closed and ghetto youths were diverting commuters to use another route.

Even the rains could not resist to pour when he was going to his resting place. Zebby’s best friend Osward Kurai could not believe that the young man is nomore.

During the body viewing he slapped Zebby and asked him to wake up, “Are you gone for real my friend,” he said.

The streets were crowded with a convoy full of hundreds of cars lined up through Sisk business centre where Zebby spent most of his time , to Mucheke stadium, proceded to Mucheke bus terminus going through the CBD of Masvingo to Lawn cemetry where he was laid to rest.

There was no funeral in the high density Zebby would miss, he was one of the last guys standing , singing in the early hours whilst most mourners would be sneezing. He couldn’t miss any match at Mucheke stadium , he was that one supporter who was never tired singing and dancing. When it comes to politics, Zebby would attend a Zanu pf rally wearing their regalia, if there is MDC rally he would again attend wearing their regalia, that was Zebby the poorest celebrity.

Zebby was popularly known as a man of unity he loved everyone, he called himself a poorest celebrity because he was poor but also a celebrity. In his neighbour hood he was a unifier he loved everyone.

Zebby the poorest celebrity, in picture

“He had his own character which was outstanding from others, he was very charming, he loved everyone, even our popular business people knew he existed and the number of mourners here can tell that he was a good person, to us he is a Hero” said Hitler.

During masvingo united FC hey days you would never miss Zebby’s face in Mucheke stadium, he was a self proclaimed number one Yuna Yuna supporter. Remembered by his line “Ndadyei chako” Zebby would drink one’s beer and say that teasing line.

Lovemore Kasinahama said life would never be the same without his brother.

“I am still in pain with the loss of my brother,he died a sudden death and the wound will never be healed but I want to say go well my brother” he said.