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Mutare Based, Cimztech To Run A Modeling Program

By Martin Muleya

MUTASA Cimztech modelling agency, has taken the commitment to teach, motivate and inspire upcoming and contesting models of the Mr and Mrs Valentine Zimbabwe Pageant show, by taking models to a week long boot camp in Mutasa district before the agency’s debut show.

The Mr and Mrs Valentine’s pageant show is set to occur on the 18th of February in Mutare, with 15 participating contestants drawn from all the country’s ten provinces.

Mr and Mrs Valentine’s Zimbabwe, according to Cimztech modelling agency CEO, is part of scouting, exposing and capacitating upcoming models with skills and resources that can be fundamental in their careers.

“We are going for a boot camp in Mutasa, with all participating contestants and it is going to last for seven days, starting from the 11th February to 17th February.

“The reason why we hosted this competition, is because we want youths to showcase their talents.

“After the competition we are going to donate to an old people’s home in Mutare, and will also conduct clean up campaigns here in Mutasa on the 15th and in Mutare town on the 18th of February,” added Cimztech CEO, Simbarashe Mwashita.

The models expressed their appreciation to Cimztech modelling agency, for hosting such an event which features a boot camp which aims to help them improve their skills and showcase their talent.

“As part of modelling, my advocacy is raise awareness about gender based violence and mental health, as I have noticed many youths are being affected leading to suicidal cases,” said Harare participating contestant, Kudzaishe Mutyora.

The reigning judges of the Mr and Mrs Valentine Zimbabwe Pageant show, were also part of the boot camp and were grateful to Cimztech agency for giving the models an opportunity to take note of nature while learning modelling skills which are critical in the modelling industry.

“As for me, I like the way the boot camp was organized, its the first of its kind in the modelling industry, as models usually camp at lodges and guest houses.

“Here in Mutasa, we are camping and we have pitched tents for models in mountains, in order to teach models to learn everything and helping them to be creative, not just getting used to having everything provided for them. They have to know that the industry is hard and competitive, so the way they live in the jungle that is how the industry is.

“I want to thank Simbarashe, for giving models an opportunity to know the nature of the jungle relating it to the modelling industry, as it’s not easy to get to the top in the industry, so models should get used pain and endurance as these are vital in our industry,”added judge Mufaro Negome.

The contesting models and judges will donate on a old people’s home in Mutare and also participate on a clean up campaign which is going to be held on the 15th in Mutasa.