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Zim Nurses Demand A Living Wage

By Branton Matondo

Civil servants have been on the out cry lamenting of the slave wages they have been receiving from employers. Nurses like wise have been part and parcel of the lamenting bandwagon.

Douglas Chikobvu, Secretary General of the Nurses Union (ZPNU) told Post On Sunday that the latest pressor from the so called Nurses and Midwives in Government is a totally bastardised narrative that all progressive nurses distance themselves from.

“Who at this point in time can advocate for free food at work and transport to and from work while children at home Will be wallowing in abject poverty birthed from measly wages imposed on us nurses by gvt,” said Chikobvu.

He fuether added that, those tantrums coming from a clueless association who does not represent the interest of nurses but the employer.

Nurses demands are still clear, similar with teachers and every civil servant.

Teachers earliest told this publislcation that they are demanding a living wage that can capacitate them to deliver at work and improve their welfare.

“Everything that is happening, sanitization of paltry 20% adjustment is pure chicanary,” added Chikobvu.

Nursing is an autonomous and a self-regulating profession that has internal ways of regulating itself and determining its own direction.

A profession of such medical prestige and great societal importance should not be undermined by the ailing salaries.