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Madman Kills Brother With Shovel*

Midlands Correspondent

Mberengwa villagers woke up to a shocking scene when a madman struck his brother multiple times to death on the 15th of February.

Midlands Spokesperson Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko confirmed the incident to a panel of media practitioners on an online platform.

He said, “Zimbabwe Republic Police confirms handling an investigation into a murder case where a 52 year old man of Tarasanago Village, Chief Matevaidze in Mberengwa allegedly killed his brother by striking him with a shovel.

“The incident occurred on 15 February 2022 at about 0100 hours.

“It was reported that, on 14 February at about 2100 hours, the now deceased Tafirei Chipwanya a male adult aged 65 years retired to bed with his brother Taimutyai Ndlovu aged 52 years reported to be suffering from a mental illness.”

Further circumstances in the report indicate that the two slept in Ndlovu’s hut with Ndlovu tied both hands and legs, after he had turned violent.

At some point during the night Ndlovu managed to free himself and got hold of a shovel striking his brother Chipwanya several times on the head.

Mahoko added, ” Chipwanya died on the spot and Ndlovu disappeared from the scene.

“Scene was attended by the Police, investigations are underway and the suspect is at large.

Body was ferried to Mberengwa mortuary waiting post mortem.”

ZRP appeals to the public to report immediately if there is an information pertaining Ndlovu whereabouts and advised the public to take cognizance of proper treatment on mentally impaired relatives.

“Police is appealing to members of the public who might have information about the whereabouts of Taimutyai Ndlovu to inform any nearest police station.

“People living with relatives suffering from mental illness are advised to make sure they get their treatment as prescribed by their doctors, ” said Inspector Mahoko.