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Govt Comes To The Rescue of Ran Mine Eviction Victims

By Bindura Bureau

Around 20 families were evicted from Ran Mines Bindura yesterday and left 20 km away in Shamva district, at an open space.

The families are part of 80 families that were residing at the mine compound ever since its closure in 1999.

Speaking to Mr. Richard Chipfuwa, Bindura district development coordinator and civil protection unit chairperson this morning he said the families were evicted above board having been notified about “30 days ago” through a High Court order.

“The other 50 – 60 families left as soon as they read the High Court order.

We even assisted them with transport to their destinations of choice within the district and many went to close by communal lands in Musana and Masembura.

“We have again sourced fuel and a vehicle to help these latest victims to go to their destinations of choice.


“At the same time we are looking at providing them with food and ablution facilities as they map their ways forward, we have since sat and relayed our proposal to the provincial civil protection unit which will then relay it upwards,” Mr. Chipfuwa said.

Ran Mine has not been functioning ever since 1999. It only resurrected in 2019 with the birth of the Second Republic which then sourced a new investor.

The new investor does not want any residential compounds within the mine hence he ordered them out.

“Actually, they were settling in an area the new investor would want to have some blasts which would be dangerous to them,” Mr. Chipfuwa added.

Speaking to some of the evicted families today, they appealed to government for temporary shelter for them and their kids in the form of canvass tents.

However, Mr Chipfuwa said the issue of tents was not on their plan but is ready to offer them transport to their chosen destinations within the district.

Billiard Love, a victim of the eviction operation said he had no money to look for a place to rent in the meantime.
He appealed to the new investor to at least employ some of the eviction victims.

His fellow victim Gabriel Madhangwe complained that in the process of being evicted, he lost many of his house hold property.

He also complained that the police officers and staff from the Sheriffs office stole their small valuable properties and money.

Thieves reportedly also terrorised them last night as they slept in the open.