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 Katonhas Twins Appointed SADCTA Chairpersons

By Faith Chimutsa

Katonhas twins were appointed Southern Africa Development Committee Twins Association (SADCTA) presidents and received their appointment certificates at a hand over ceremony held in the capital on Wednesday.

Farai and Tendai Katonhas who are the Twins Association of Zimbabwe presidents have been appointed to chair SADCTA were honoured with certificates of appointment by the SADCTA, the regional organisation for twins associations where they are one of the founding members.

SADCTA vice chairperson Walusungu Silweya was the guest of honour at the hand over ceremony and he is also Zambia Twins Plus founder, media and publicity manager for Global Twins and Multiple Births Organisation .

SADCTA was formed due to incredible and increase advocacy for well being of twins and multiple births across Southern Africa countries. These twins associations from SADC region thought it is wise to share their common purpose and uplifting the nature of twins with aim of coordinating development projects and uniting twins.

Speaking at the hand over ceremony Walusungu Silweya thanked the TAZI for for hosting the meeting and the Zimbabwean government for it’s continued support and showing interest in the SADCTA.

” I want to thank the Zimbabwe twins association who are the organisers and the people of Zimbabwe for hosting this meeting and having so generously devoted their time to ensuring that the preparation for it has been so successfully undertaken”, he said. “A special word of thanks and deep gratitude goes to the Zimbabwean government and it’s twins for it continued support and sharing interest on SADCTA” , said Silweya.


Silweya applauded the Katonhas for doing a sterling job in the country and at regional level.”One thing you must be proud of as Zimbabwe is that the Katonhas are one of the founders of SADCTA”, he revealed. “We are so proud that we have hardworking leaders in the Katonhas twins, very vibrant, persistent and very visionary,, God bless you our chairpersons as SADCTA”, he added.

Esau Mbewe and Jacob Mbewe twins from Zambia accompanied him however his twin was not present due to other commitments back home.

The Katonhas were pleased by the appointment and felt blessed.” On behalf of the Katonhas Twins, we do accept the appointment”, said Farai Katonha at the hand over ceremony.

SADCTA was formed in 2021, their motto is “We are best Together and value promoting multiple birth issues within the SADC region.

“The alliance of nine majority -active twin associations thought I was wise to share their common purpose and uplift the nature of twins with the main aim of coordinating development projects and uniting twins”, said Katanha.

“This SADCTA is a regional organisation of 14 member countries, Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Seychelles, South Africa, Swaziland Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe” , added Katonha.

They intend to host major events for Twins like Twins Festival SADC which the hosts are yet to be chosen and it will be rotational.

“We are blessed to be appointed SADCTA chairpersons and this year TAZI will host its first tournament for SADCTA” , revealed Katonha.

The sports tournament to be held this year around August will include most sports disciplines and traditional games. All the SADC Twins will be bringing their teams to Zimbabwe.

TAZI presidents’ appointment to SADCTA as chairpersons highlights that the Katonhas are determined for the uplifting the nature of twins through development projects and uniting twins.