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Newly Elected Councillor Bounces Into Council Chambers With Party Regalia

By Prisca Manyiwa


Tempretures turned high for opposition party councillors after a newly elected ZANU PF councillor Makomborero Mlambo walked into the full council meeting at Kwekwe civic center wearing his party regalia.

There was a tense atmosphere in the council chambers as the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) councillors demanded that Mulambo removes his ZANU PF cap for the council meeting to proceed.

“We are not supposed to be wearing political parties regalia in this house, this is not the place for such dressing,” said councilor Washington Moyo ( CCC).

In response to the councillors’ appeal, Mayor Future Titora who was chairing the meeting ordered the agitated Mlambo to remove his cap labeled ED.

“Councilor can you remove your cap, you are wearing and it is not allowed in here,” she said.

Feeling provoked, the adamant Mlambo pointed out at CCC councillor Melody Chingarande who was wearing a yellow dress asking her to remove the dress as it also resembled CCC regalia.

“I am shocked by this maybe I am just a joke or something, this house is meant for business not what you are focusing on right now.

Which rule are you riding at? because I am not aware of any rule that hinders me from wearing this.

This is my party cap, my DNA is ZANU PF and I can as well ask this cde to remove her yellow dress (pointing at councilor Melody Chingarande).

“This is just a yellow dress and there is no Chamisa written on my dress so it is not party regalia,” she said.

Councillor Joshua Tinago intervened in the heated argument and recommended for an induction meeting for the newly elected councilors to avoid unnecessary confusion.

“It is our fault as council because we did not go for an induction with our new colleagues so induction is needed,” said Tinago.

Mlambo finally agreed to remove his cap outside the champers after the town clerk Dr Lucia Mkandhla launched an apology for failure to conduct an induction to the new councilors and she asked councilor Mlambo to remove his cap.

The same happened in Parliament soon after the by-elections, where the Speaker of Parliament refused entry for CCC members who were wearing anything with a yellow colour.