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Bindura Host Women Pool National Games

As a source of income, women engage into professional pool games. 

By Lorraine Muwuya

Zimbabwe Women Pool players from around the country met over the weekend in Bindura, Mashonaland West province for the sport National Games.

KwaPiki as it’s popularly know was a hive of activity as women showed the fighting spirit and disciplinary towards the games.

The first edition of Zimbabwe Women Pool Associations was held in February 2016 and it saw more than fifty (50) women from all the provinces meeting to play the game.

It was a start of a new beginning for the professional women pool players, leading the quorum to decide on hosting tournaments at national individual level in a bid to try and raise more awareness of the sport to girl child and women.

The game that was predominantly played by men as a source of fun in bars and night clubs has proven to be a source of income to many as they bet.

Pool tournaments have since been held in different provinces just like any other spot but not by women.

Zimbabwe Women Pool Players, Phiona Musavengana told this publication that organising and working for the tournament to be held was not an easy task.

“It was not an easy move inviting more women as there were mixed emotions. Some people believed that it’s a male dominated game and women should not be involved as most times it’s played in bars,” said Musavengana.

“With time more and more people have come to realize it’s a professional sport that deserves the same respect as other sporting disciplines.

Women players wish to bring the sport to a wider audience and remove the stigma associated with it, that it’s a mere bar sport,”She added.

The game has become a part of family sustanence, managing to bring food on the table,
and some women walked away with prize money after the tournament.

With the harsh economic conditions in Zimbabwe walking away with a prize money of 150 makes all the difference and this is what is pushing these women to work harder during practice time.

Number 1 – 4 got prize money with 5- 8 getting consolation prizes. The sport has become a way of earning a leaving.