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Zimbabwe Albino Association

Date: 13 June 2022

Zimbabwe Albino Association in partnership with Post On Sunday commemorates the International Albinism awareness day. The organisation stands in solidarity with albinos who are finding innovative ways to advance their human rights in order to live a life free from stigmatization.

This year’s theme “strength beyond all odds” reflects a positive ability of persons with albinism in their achievements despite obstacles they face, for they have stood courageous in societies where they are treated with contempt.

We celebrate achievements by persons with albinism as they are taking the rightful decision making around the world which is leading them to excel in life.

Albinos are vulnerable to human rights violation as they face attacks and killings due to superstitions that their body parts bring good fortunes.

We encourage Zimbabweans not to discriminate people with albinism but assist them to access good health, education and employment.

Public Relations Officer
Talent. C. Katsande