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Platinum Pub n Grill Opening Its Doors Today

By Martin Muleya

The five star liquor store is the first of its kind in the community of Glen Norah B and is going an extra mile by offering revellers exclusive services that are a joint of entertainment, gathering and interaction all in one.

For the entrepreneur Matthias the zeal to have the entertainment joint did not start yesterday.

He chided in that he is not a fly-by night businessman but it is a fulfillment of his childhood aspiration.

“My father was a technician at ZETDC and during his off days he would venture into zondo business at business premises and I was in form one. Thereon I started to understand the concept of business, because my father would emphasize that a man should not sit on the laurel expecting manna from heaven,” he said.

For Zvidzai he said he was also inspired by the book he did at his Ordinary level Literature “Things fall apart” by Nigerian writer Chinua Achebe.

The launch of this joint by Platinum Pub n Grill is designed to maintain a momentum of an exciting, luxurious and unique atmosphere to revellers as they drink, gather and interact.

“Basically we have engaged into the liquor business as part of the consortium of various business I dwell into. Mainly this is because of social conscientious, as in beer and drinks there is an element of chilling, oozing sensation that comes with that.

We understand that there are various liquor stores, retailers and wholesalers but ours are unique, we sell original liquor and everything we do will be of Platinum services as per our trademark.

Our setup and the way we did our things is fine Star opulent lifestyle where one can drink, chill in the ghetto,” said PNG CEO Zvidzai.

‘The Platinum Pub n Grill multi-service liquor store is going to distribute various liquors such as whiskey, brandy, cognac, vodka and spirits. Whereas it is also going to offer various foods ranging from braai, fast foods and traditional food.

Following the surge of illegal, fake or imitated alcohol  use and distribution mainly in the ghettos during the Covid induced lockdowns: Post intense Covid era, on the contrary Platinum Pub n Grill aims to provide authentic liquor to its customers as it is legally registered and partners with local and international distributors.

“The idea came after the intense initial Covid Era, we realized people were stressed, they had no way of distressing themselves, especially beer drinkers, they ended up being duped by beer suppliers and retailers, duped in the sense of selling fake alcohol so it actually perpetrated the issue of mortality where people get sick or die. So we said no, in the heart of the ghetto let’s open a registered and legal liquor store,” added Zvidzai.

The launch of Platinum Pub n Grill will be a mixed bag of events as the joint is set to host variouslocal artists as special guest to perform at the pub, in a bid to entertain its customers and Corporates will also be given a chance to market their products  during the  event.

“Expect to have a face to face encounter with hot artist , we are going to open a bit earlier to allow Corporates to market their tables. The likes of Delta, ciders departments, sables, Sminorf.

We also have foreign corporate partners Cognac Hennessey and its new brand, cocktails, we have got the best cocktail mixes which are international recognized and certified and the best Djs and MCs, just be there,”added PNG CEO.