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Dudu Manhenga Launches Her Third Book.

By Lorraine Muwuya

The Afro-Jazz songbird has launched her third book titled His Daughters: destinies in Harare.

The creative entrepreneur who has been in the music industry for a long time since the age of 16 took another step to showcase her creativity through writing life untold stories.

His Daughters: Destinies, talks about what women go through in the society.

Dudu took this publication on a journey to why writing now and this is what she has to share.

“As a young lady i experienced a lot in and about life, walking a journey double my age made me realize stories have to be told and shared. If they are not shared and written these stories will be half told,” she said.

Writing is so liberating it will be only you and your thought of line, added Manhenga.

“I would imagine that nearly every writer has an understanding of why they write. Most of us have been lifelong readers. Most of us have deeply respected and admired those talented people who produce movies in our head with nothing but strategically placed words.

On a more personal level, there’s the indescribable sense of flow when the words pour out oh-so-effortlessly, there’s that stroke of brilliance when a plot twist strikes out of nowhere, there’s the feeling of creating something that no one else has before. Every one of those feelings is motivating and rewarding and necessary for our long-term writing lifestyle,” she said.

Just like other African writers, African societies are molded differently with successful ideas, inspired inventions to self-reliant systems, rich in their making and educating. That story has to be read, it should reach out and be known.

One of the greatest writers from Kenya Ngugi WA Thiong’o is also my greatest inspiration in writing more about what women go through in African societies,” Manhenga